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Shoots Ksubi campaign for 2010.

It’s no secret that I’m no dick lover. In fact, I cringe when the word itself is uttered – or let slip in a moment of anger and frustration. Funny how the words used to describe our private parts have been turned into hostile verbal expressions. Personally, the word “dick” sounds salacious and no offense to my male mates out there but aesthetically, its no Manet. Having said that, when it comes to Ksubi, I will make an exception, and this post, is probably the only post that will touch on the topic visually and artistically. But first, if you’ve not yet read my previous post on what Ksubi is all about, here’s a short introduction.

Extracted from If It’s Hip It’s Here:

In addition to their apparel and eyewear, Australian fashion brand Ksubi combines fashion, culture, art and music. Their irreverent runway antics at Australia’s Fashion Week (like releasing live rats onstage) their late night parties, published books, art installations and music events distinguish them from other fashion brands.

Known mainly for their denim apparel that appeals to celebs and hipsters alike, I find their advertising photography – specifically for their eyewear collections over the past several years- is often as compelling, if not more so, than the actual products.

I’m pretty sure Ksubi’s not trying to send out the message that you’ll look like a dick

wearing their sunnies, albeit a cool one.








More about Kane Skennnar:

Kane gives the impression that he likes his job. A LOT. Having worked all over the world shooting in amazing locations and places. His approach to his work see’s him pushing the boundaries of his art. He swings the pendulum between highly conceptual studio to earthy location shoots with ease. His sensitivity in dealing with his subject is always at the forefront of his work.

With a knack for delivering knockout and highly directional images, Kane is known for his polished contemporary style for publications such as Harpers Bazaar, GQ, Grazia,Madison, Karen, Sunday Magazine,Belle,Monster Children,Black, Oyster,Flavour,Rolling Stone,Mens Health,Shop,Cosmopolitan, Our People, Stab and pagesonline.

His most recent campaigns include Modular Records, Insight, Ksubi, Jeanswest,Quiksilver, Davenport,Nathan Smith, Roxy,Flamingo Sands, Kaiser, Bassike, Chronicles of Never,Sony,Material Boy, Dion Lee, One Teaspoon, SDS,Rhythm,Alice McCall, Milk and Honey,RipCurl, Cassette Society, Arvust, Table Eight, Amstel, Trent Nathan, JAG, General Pants,Supre,and Yeojin Bae.

Other works by the talented Skennar




On a side note, I finally found the white Ksubi Marfik eyewear 2011 for sale online. Thing is, I have no idea if it’ll suit me but its just so darn sexy! Lets hope the free shipping offsets the risk.  X Fingers crossed X

By the way, the hottie above modeling the Marfik, is no other than Australian born, Melbournian bred model Bambi Northwood-Blyth, dubbed “The girl with the kaleidoscope eyes”. . I’m no fool, it would look a million times better on her – even if you draped her in TGIF’s table cloth, she would still rock it down Swanston street. So here’s the other Bambi, the cooler hotter one that doesn’t have a blog because she’s busy having a life.








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