#globalfootprints ✈

A personal journey across the world, one step at a time.

As they say, sometimes you find beauty in the most obscure places. In this case, it’s literally right under your nose.  Be in the moment. The journey begins where you are standing, right now.

I started this personal project pretty much by accident back in 1998 on the streets of Tokyo. I glanced down at the design under my feet, took a snap and the rest is history. I’ve since traveled across Europe and Asia, snapping, collecting and curating foot shots with street art, manhole covers, tiled floors, sandy beaches and so on. I guess you can call it my part time obsession. 

Flickr set here: http://bit.ly/globalfootprints (I update from time to time)

Global Footprints in community stream on Piictu: Global Footprints on Piictu

A talk I participated in at Poskod Talks, organized by #betterkl on mapping and improving our citiy: Article here.

Instagram: @globalfootprints



  1. James S · · Reply

    Love all these… 🙂

    1. Such a cool idea. I love it!

  2. Rathika Sheila · · Reply

    Very nice idea!

    1. Thanks guys! Should really update it. Have a couple more shots to add to the collection 🙂

      1. Rathika Sheila · · Reply

        Yes you should! When you have the time, of course 🙂 I love your style of writing by the way. Hope you have a good day!

  3. Eriko Tsogo · · Reply

    Lovin the idea, I might just try it myself:)

    1. Yes you certainly should! Got a camera, a pair of feet – that’s all you need : )

  4. This is possibly one of the most beautiful social media projects / travel logs I’ve ever seen. You’re inspiring.

    1. Heya, Aww that’s really sweet of you. Thanks for your kind words! If anything, the one thing I strive is to inspire others. That and to be a controlled drunk! 🙂

  5. This is absolutely brilliant! I love this idea.

  6. Davisha =) · · Reply

    Love your Blog!!!!

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