Get ready for a whole different kind of

strap on!

Limited edition handmade leather straps for your Nano – now available exclusively at Mybytes Tropicana City Mall!

Ground Floor 25

Tel: 03-7725 2568

All leather straps are hand made

so expect some serious character

– the edgy frays is my way of saying

“screw perfection”!

Nano Chic Rock Strap

Limited edition Chic Rock. This slim oak colored strap wraps perfectly around your wrist. Light brown thread lining accents the borders with a rustic texture around the cuffs. Don't be fooled by its somewhat plain finishing, it's got some serious character – *Guaranteed to get you laid at least once

Nano Dire Rock Strap

*As seen on Poster Child a.k.a Chris Daughtry's doppelgänger* Dire Rock is a Solid leather strap for the true rocker - it's proven to get the ladies. The soft leather will age beautifully with scuffs & scratches. Note: Might attract same sex. In which case, go with the flow. *Daily use highly recommended.

Nano Crisp Rock Strap

Not to be mistaken for funny man Chris Rock, Crisp Rock is slim fitting with brown thread lining and gives that laid back persona - easy like Paris Hilton and foxy like Jolie on Alba. It’ll leave you fending off curious looks and envious gawks. Remember, it's all in the wrist. *Made to impress and undress

Nano Lean Rock Strap

Introducing Lean Rock - This piece of mother of a leather will whip up your lean mean Nano machine! Sable brown with an additional middle strip strap has a glossy finishing that will ripen to a vintage finish by the time you’re done tripping and sipping. *Not for the fainthearted

Nano Dusty Rock Strap

Dusty Rock - trampled like you got into a bar fight & manhandled from jumping the night away in a mosh pit, this light brown leather strap with ready to wear scuffs & scratches will give you that instant Rock Star guise. Wear it with ripped jeans and tight tee or your tattered thongs and meanest Doc Marts - whichever the hanger swings. *Guitar and musical skills optional


SIDENOTE ON POSTER CHILD MATT (A.K.A my rock star bitch) is a talented musician, singer, song writer and kick ass foosball player. Check out his band for some awesome country rock – Alfords Band of Bullwinkles!  His album is releasing in less than 2 weeks! Show some love to the Boy from Oz!

More shots of Rockstar Matt with

the Nano Dire Rock strap!


if you’re planning to get a Nano Touch.

*not endorsed by Apple, though it very well should be!

For more close up shots, click here:




  1. UPDATE: Chic Rock Currently Sold out.

  2. onewhobarge · · Reply


    I want this badly.

  3. Are you in KL, Malaysia? If you are, go to Mybytes Tropicana City Mall, Ground Floor 25. Tel: 03-7725 2568. I think they have a few more left 🙂

  4. onewhobarge · · Reply

    Yes I am and thank you!

    btw, I saw the word bambino and it reminds me of this lil’ cute car called Bufori Bambino:

    if you don’t already know lah.

    1. I didn’t know but thanks. How did you stumble upon my blog? Perhaps we share a mutual friend? 🙂

  5. onewhobarge · · Reply

    I was blog hopping looking for something for some ideas and inspiration on how to make my (ahem.. soon to be) blog less boring.

    I don’t quite remember which white rabbit I followed that brought me here, but I have to say I’m glad for this stumble.

    So, no I don’t think so we share any mutual friends.

    1. Oh okay. Welcome to my little nook in the blogsphere then! Let me know your blog site once its up. Cheers! T

  6. Thanks!

    and yes, I’ll let you know 😀

  7. Hey Matt,
    Love your work.
    I want one for my Birthday!

    1. Hi Ashley, I made those leather straps for the nano but if you want to see ones that Matt’s making (and they are 10 times more awesome!) check out his page on Facebook. I’m not sure if its published yet but its “Rock Leather” 🙂

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