I ♥ Ksubi

Thou shalt not be tempted by overpriced goods!

Unfortunately, while I am not swayed by wearing big names on my back & over my shoulders or on my feet, I do tend to splash a tad on a fashion items. Having said that, I’d rather spend on a design than a designer name. In other words, I appreciate one offs by a nobody rather than a mass item by a somebody – style over matter. But as all things goes, good taste comes at a price (cheyyyyy) – just kidding!! Seriously though, I have my moments. Sometimes I feel AUSD199 is worth it for a dress I’d probably just wear once, and stinge on a RM29.90 top (?!?!) There’s no denying though, that I love a good buy! Who doesn’t? Bargain hunting injects a sort of adrenalin rush that the bottle just can’t trump! Also, it does wonders as a distraction from the pressures of life. But that’s for another post. A heavy post on feeling like a bruised fruit in a barrel of produce.

So ANYWAY! What’s this I heart Ksubi hoopla? Well, Aussie brand Ksubi (a.k.a Tsubi – pron. Sue – bee) recently launched a new line of eyewear. What?! This is a fashion post? Urghhhhh. No no no. It’s more an inspiration post. After all, design is sexy! I also love the art direction for this shoot – it has an antique intergalactic feel, enhancing the modernity of the designs. While I’m not a fashion freak, trend crazed yuppie – I am finding it difficult to resist! Especially with the festive season of xmas around the corner, all the new line campaigns, mega sales, limited offers and what not, it’s difficult not to fall into the retail trap! Also, (now I’m starting to sound defensive) it ain’t that expensive. Around AUSD300 a pair.

Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with Ksubi, it’s an Australian brand that went global some 8 years ago. The fashion-wear became huge in the You Ass of Aye after being seen on the likes of Madonna, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Lindsy Lohan, The Olsens, Scarlett Johansson…etc. Here’s an excerpt from Wiki (and you know how I LOVEEEE Wiki!) – it’s really an excuse to post more picture and type less. Take this as a buffer from a heavier upcoming topic.

Created in 2000, Dan Single and George Gorrow, were unsatisfied with the range of jeans on the market and couldn’t find pairs that fit properly. Under the name Tsubi, they started manufacturing their jeans and denim.

Ksubi made its international debut in London in 2002, with an installation held in the depths of an abandoned tube station at Aldwych. Following this, Ksubi became a contender in the fashion league with their in-store installation at Selfridges Department store in London alongside the likes of Stella McCartney, Martin Margiela and Marc Jacobs.

Ksubi has three official stores, and their garments, jeans and eyewear are sold in boutiques around the world.

So enough Wiki jabber, here’s the new Ksubi eyewear for 2011. *pictures extracted from website* I’ve added some fashion shots – perhaps you can appreciate the type of fresh, young and funky designs and how they’ve successfully branded themselves. It is of acquired taste – but in good taste nonetheless. Love especially the ripped jeans (last pic). I have 4 pairs. Obsessed much? Yeah pretty.

Sidenote: My favorite pair of sunnies is worn by Bambi – marfik white. 2nd picture down. Absolutely gorgeous!! I don’t care if I can’t pull it off. I’m getting it, one way or another!

Models– Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Heidi Harrington, Rose Smith, Dion Antony, & Jann Cruraszkiewicz

Photography– Kane Skennar


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