I don’t really know how to put myself into a little box under an obscure “About Me” section.

Perhaps if someone pointed a proverbial gun to my forehead, I’d be able to articulate myself more eloquently. So instead of trying to rewrite who I am, I’ve decided to footnote this section with bits and pieces throughout my blog so that you, the anonymous, can gauge my anonymity. Ironic isn’t it.

If you read my blog, you’d learn that…..

I live to travel:

I am constantly getting to know myself a little bit more each day especially when I leave my comfort zone where I am once again foreign to myself.I try to capture moments that capture me and I try to absorb everything like a dry sponge on a shore but moments are just simply moments. They are fleeting and I am reminded that it doesn’t matter where you have been because at the end of the day, it is not what you have seen but what you fail to see.

I struggle with my sense of belonging – geographically and emotionally:

Nostalgia, perforce, brings people together through its sentimentality and people, for the sake of nostalgia, distance becomes a core ingredient for a steadfast friendship.

I’m a hopeless sentimental romantic when it comes to the L word:

Memory has a funny way of tricking our hearts and minds. Sometimes she has that dimple and sometimes I forget to put it there. Sometimes I only see half her face. Sometimes just her smile. Past relationships usually culminate in selective amnesia. As much as we hate to admit it, we are the culprits who deny ourselves from closure and the truth. Sometimes it stares us needlepoint to the eyeball and we will still make excuses for people we love.

Some have difficulty remembering their ex’s voice or smell. Others (attn: Guerrilla daters) cannot place a name. I, unfortunately, remember a little of each of them – but am rather dyslexic when it comes to matching the fragments together. I was the child who would pound the jigsaw together until it fit. It didn’t matter if the cow was floating in the sky. I am incredibly tenacious like that.

I’m still struggling with adulthood:

As you age, the magic turns to manic. You are no longer blessed with the convenience of having pre-planned fun and opening wrapped gifts. You are now the giver, the planner, the spender, the decider, the dancer and the drunk.

I have a “I- Can Will -Save-You” hero complex:

Perhaps I feel too deeply and in my cavalier disregard to limitations, allow myself to immerse into the lives of others, so much so that they become ingrained in mine.

In Virginia Woolf I trust:

“I am perfectly serious in saying that nothing budges me from my determination to go on, or alters my pleasure; so whatever happens, though the surface may be agitated, the center is secure.”

My philosophy in life:

  • Let go of your fear. Because if you don’t, you will never really die because you never really exist.
  • Don’t be dismayed if you feel that you are not chasing your passion. Just because you are too overwhelmed by how much you want and find it difficult to discipline yourself to attain, doesn’t mean you don’t have ambition.
  • Don’t let any person, company, law, historical/generic convention, or edict shame you from being who you really are.
  • Choose the journey, not the destination.

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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. onewhobarge · · Reply


    Nice to know someone like you is out there somewhere.

    Rock on!

    1. Oh gee. Thanks for stumbling by. Nice to know someone out there is thankful to know that someone like me is out there somewhere.


  3. Great Blog, Bambini! Quite immersive.

  4. Junior Ong · · Reply

    Hello there,

    How’ve you been? Great blog. Love your philosophy about choosing the journey, not the destination (i live by the same philosophy!). Hope all is well with you. Have a great day. CHEERS!

    1. Hi Junior, I’m well thanks! Back in Melbs. Hope all is well with you too. Thanks for dropping by! xoxo Tersh

  5. i think your Fabulous with a capital F 🙂

    1. F is my favorite letter :p Thanks Denette.

  6. I love your philosophies in life 🙂

    1. Thanks girl! Now if only I can apply them at all times!

  7. amber2534 · · Reply

    hi nice to meet u. im so glad there is someone out there that i can relate to in a lot of ways lol. Im almost 26 and im more confused than ever. just got out of a 9 yr relationship with my first real love and found a new love when i wasnt looking. and of course he came from the most unexpected place. thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Amber, wow 9 years! That’s hell of a long time! Good that you managed to find someone. Sometimes it takes ages to get over a long relationship. Not sure what you’re thanking me for though, but appreciated all the same. I’m not one to turn down a friendly gesture 🙂 Cheers! Tersh

  8. I’m glad the word serendipity is already defined. Cuz that perfectly explains me being here. Brilliant stuff *pat on the back*

    ps/ would luv to share some music

    1. Gee thanks! Have you checked out Play it forward page on my blog? I’ve compiled a few playlists that are free for download – without pesky log in requirements 🙂
      PLAY IT FORWARD ▶ « Skybambi http://bit.ly/ss50Bb

      Let me know what you think xoxo Tersh

  9. Beautiful site! I wish I were as creative as you! Such interesting perspectives and points of view. I love you travel bucket list. I learned about a few new places!

    1. Aw how very kind of you 🙂 Thank you! Here’s waving at you from Melbourne! Hope all is well and sunny in Cali!
      While you’re cooking your next delicious homemade dish (your cooking looks good!), feel free to listen to the latest mixtape I created.
      Its free and secure to download!http://bit.ly/playitforward6 – Hope you enjoy it!

  10. Hi Skybambi, i just discovered your blog on our little spice shop Gewürzhaus and love love love the images! Would you mind if I used some of them for our website/facebook? I shall reference your blog 🙂 Thanks for writing about us also, its great to see people enjoying what we have created. Let me know if ok to use. Thanks. Eva

    1. Oh of course! Your staff were kind enough to let me take pictures, I don’t see why I shouldn’t share them with the very people that inspired the blog post 🙂

      1. Super, thank you! Would you be kind enough to email me some of them individually? I’ve downloaded the collages. Would love to use the shop front one, the gadget wall, the one with the jars of nutmeg and vanilla and the one with the grinder and giftpacks. My email is eva@gewurzhaus.com.au. Thanks!

  11. JaimeAlexander · · Reply

    Awesome blog! You are amazing

    1. Wow thanks for your kind words, given that this blog has been really quiet lately 🙂 Thanks for popping by!

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