Traveling somewhere, could be anywhere

I’m not sure if many people share this in common with me in their travels but I feel that I age when I do. Not the tiresome way. Although it can take a toll on my stamina – I always come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

This time, it feels different. Even my favourite traveling boots have aged from being used to its last step – I take it as a sign to rest and take comfort in the familiarity of places instead of fueling the need to escape.

Okay so we’re starting fresh once again. As most of you have noticed by now, I have deleted my old posts for personal reasons. Tabula rasa. I will however repost a few old entries I feel is worth keeping and remembering.I know the first post is supposed to be meaningful and all that but I’m jet lagged and my thoughts are scattered at the moment so you’ll have to settle with a mundane entry that would likely see your head on the keyboard by the end of this “scintillating” read.

I’ve had a couple of people msg me asking me why they can’t read my blog. Don’t worry, its not because I blocked you for any vindictive reason. I’m not rancorous like that.

Taken infront of St.Fatima in Lisbon, Portugal.

Anyway, I’m back from my Europe trip. Plenty of great pictures. Most of which consists of me behind the camera. I will upload some of them later. As of now, I do not have anything perspicacious to say – as yet. I do have allot to vent about but we’ll stockpile it for another day. You know how it can get quite exhaustive to put emotions into clear and fluent locutions.

Taken in Saville, Spain.

I was asked what I bought over there. Well, not a whole lot. Its winter there so naturally everything in the stores were catered for that season.The pictures I took holds more value to me. I’m no pro so I do them no justice but anyone who has ever picked up a camera would have had the same innate desire to capture beauty.

I try to capture moments that capture me and I try to absorb everything like a dry sponge on a shore but moments are just simply moments. They are fleeting and I am reminded that it doesn’t matter where you have been because at the end of the day, it is not what you have seen but what you fail to see. I am constantly getting to know myself a little bit more each day especially when I leave my comfort zone where I am once again foreign to myself.

Taken in Morocco between Fez and Marakesh

I feel that each time I step into unfamiliar territories, I lose a bit of myself and gain alot more back in return. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown and the thirst for something new. When we travel, we venture into other people’s culture and taste a bit of their life and live a little through their music, language, customs and religion. It is close to impossible to travel without having an ever changing view of the way we see the world.

Taken in the old city (Medina) of Marakesh

I had a realisation this time round, that sometimes the things that separates us are the very things that make us common. At the end of the day, we are not much different from our neighbour because we battle the same things. Be it social or economic, politics or religion, life or death, sexuality or inequality, discrimination or any form of abuse or addtiction.

Taken in the city of Toledo, Spain.

If I have learned anything in my travels, it is that it isn’t the ocean, race, cultural differences, religion, language, politics, fear, power, money, oil, firewalls, poverty, sexuality, depression, regression or war zones that isolates us from one other.

It is ignorance and the lack of yen to subjugate it.

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  1. Welcome back!

  2. KinkyPugKevin · · Reply

    sounds cool. i hate you.

  3. wen: Technically I’m not back yet. But when you feel a storm coming on in sunny Melbourne, you’ll know…..*pfffft*Kev: I hate you too my lil bitch. *pats* I hate you too…

  4. Tabula Rasa

  5. DJ Xavier · · Reply

    BEAUTIFUL….I always like reading your blog…It always gives me a lift…You are a great writer u know….

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