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5 Things No One Told Me About Freelancing

I’ll be honest. I was terrified when I took the plunge. Excited, yes. But also fearful and anxious. I was a cocktail of emotions and it stirred me from my sleep with worries of “What if I don’t get any clients? What if I end up earning less? What if I …*gasp*….. FAIL?” Being the idealist […]

“It’s Not Worth It” – A confessional piece by a creative ad person

There’s an article that’s been circulating around on social media. It’s about a guy from advertising, Linds Redding, a New Zealand-based art director who worked at BBDO and Saatchi & Saatchi, died last month at 52 from an inoperable esophageal cancer. The article was based on his last words before Cancer took him. It striked a […]

My busy hands….

Not one to glorify being busy, nor fabricate dramatic excuses as to why I dropped off the grid of this blog. But it’s true, a lot has happened. Too much actually, to put into words. Life just speeds up a notch when you hit your 30’s. Slowly but surely though, I will start this blog rolling again, […]

Confessions of a Quitter

As with any form of romanticism, my first taste of rebellion took place in an all-girls boarding school, under an old oak tree with 3 classmates. And thus began my longest relationship. What started out casual, turned into an intimate affair. I started doing it alone, risking being caught in the ladies room at 2am. […]

In Plane View: 33 views from above

I love plane rides. The familiar feeling of insomniac anticipation. Peering out the window and down below for a glimpse of seemingly limitless frontiers to be explored. Islands swallowed by concrete jungles. The sunsets and sunrise, at times so bright that it bleaches out the world. The powerful desire to reach out and touch the cloud mist […]

The 10 Commandements of social sharing: When sharing is not caring

There is no denying that sharing can be cathartic – sharing pictures, experiences, quotes, jokes, videos, music, gossip, articles, our friend’s sentiments, cute cats, movie reviews, gangnam parodies (somebody stop the madness!) and the list rolls on like the web of a digital whore’s fishnet stocking. I admit, I am guilty of sharing and rather indulgent […]

{ Ride Into The Wild }

I’ve been obsessing over Lana Del Rey’s latest song “Ride”. Her poetic ballad holds such soulfulness, that its difficult to peg its essence within the thighs of my aural senses. Her mesmerizing raspy deep vocals paired with haunting instrumentation sends tingles down my spine. Reminisce of the late Amy Winehouse, Lana’s relaxed nature and distinct […]