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A Travel Bucket List: 15 places to color your world with infinite shades of wonderful!

It’s difficult to imagine a world beyond cubicles, meeting rooms and traffic jams. Its become such a big part of our lives, this sitting in front of our laptops all day, starring into devices, replying work emails, messages and all the necessary daily duties that comes with a paycheque. But fear not! There is a vast wide […]

My busy hands….

Not one to glorify being busy, nor fabricate dramatic excuses as to why I dropped off the grid of this blog. But it’s true, a lot has happened. Too much actually, to put into words. Life just speeds up a notch when you hit your 30’s. Slowly but surely though, I will start this blog rolling again, […]

In Plane View: 33 views from above

I love plane rides. The familiar feeling of insomniac anticipation. Peering out the window and down below for a glimpse of seemingly limitless frontiers to be explored. Islands swallowed by concrete jungles. The sunsets and sunrise, at times so bright that it bleaches out the world. The powerful desire to reach out and touch the cloud mist […]

Smeared Skies

Just when you thought sunsets couldn’t get any more breathtaking, Matt Molloy came up with a series of photos titled “smeared sky photos”. Stacking 100 to 200 photos into one, he gave a new perspective of time and change, while giving us a fresh way to enjoy the view above us. Like brushes of paint […]

Honey, I’ve been cheating on you.

Easily excitable over a piece of stationery, cracked tiles on the floor, a free photo app and the harlem shake – I’ve been sidetracked. Whilst I do not expect my 1,000 over followers (wow guys thanks!) to be sitting by the screen of their laptops in a dark corner of a room, waiting with chattering […]

A Permanent Vacation: The Travel Bucket List

As the month slithers away into the snake year, one can’t help but pine to shed ones skin while sipping  on the cool allure of a minty fresh mojito under the sun, by the glistening ocean. Ah to feel the bite of the sun on the skin and bring home a shade of respite with […]

▲ Visual Inspiration ❙ Postcards from Egyptian artists ▲

“The world is all but a wasteland, when you don’t travel beyond where you stand.” -SKB There are 3 things in life that fuels me: Travel, Music and Photography. So you can imagine my excitement when I chanced upon a artistic collaboration that combines all of the above! These beautiful and insightful images of Cairo has ignited the […]