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A Travel Bucket List: 15 places to color your world with infinite shades of wonderful!

It’s difficult to imagine a world beyond cubicles, meeting rooms and traffic jams. Its become such a big part of our lives, this sitting in front of our laptops all day, starring into devices, replying work emails, messages and all the necessary daily duties that comes with a paycheque. But fear not! There is a vast wide […]

A Permanent Vacation: The Travel Bucket List

As the month slithers away into the snake year, one can’t help but pine to shed ones skin while sipping  on the cool allure of a minty fresh mojito under the sun, by the glistening ocean. Ah to feel the bite of the sun on the skin and bring home a shade of respite with […]

An Explorers Dream: 18 scenic reasons to keep moving

My imagination is my passport to the world! This weekend, I shall go on an explorers dream. Whenever I feel lost, directionless, disheartened or demotivated, I look through the list of places waiting to be explored and I feel a sense of purpose all over again. If you’re not happy where you are, or you’re feeling […]

The never ending Travel Bucket List part 3

Just when I thought I’ve covered most destinations on my previous travel bucket lists,  I am further amazed by the abundant beauty in this world that just keeps adding on! How can we moan and groan about life when there’s boundless beauty around us? Makes my daily vents and sulks incredibly petty. Here are 20 more destinations […]

A TRAVEL BUCKET LIST part 1: 16 places to lose my heart before I depart

If I could give up my material possessions in exchange for an endless voyage and live nomadically, I would in a heartbeat! The world we live in is an amazing place of continuous discovery and no matter how much we’ve seen, tasted and travelled, there’s just that extra mile, nile and isle that remains unexplored. […]