Much like “pay it forward” but for audiophiles.
▶ Play It Forward. Much like “pay it forward” but for audiophiles.This is a personal project spawned from the love for music and fuelled by the need to share. The aim is to create a community of music lovers, expand the sound bubble we live in and open our senses to a new world of auditory experience. To participate, just compile a CD/USB/MIXTAPE. Swap it with a friend through snail mail or host a meet & swap. Once you’ve listened to the music, pass it on to someone else! I’ve started the ball rolling with 10 friends from cities such as Singapore, NYC, Melbourne, KL, Vicenza, Hong Kong, Montreal and the list is growing globally! Join us on Facebook and start sharing!

Track list: № 1. The Grid ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi.   click here to download

Track list: № 2. For Lovers Only ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi.  click here to download

Track List: № 3. New Romances & Second Chances ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi. ▲ click here to download

Track List: №4. The Alt Space ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi. ▲ Download Now

Track List: No.5 Point of View ▲ a mixtape by skybambi. ▲ Download here now. 

Track List: No.6 Songs For Staying In ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi. ▲ Download here.

Track List: №7 Silent Hunt ▲ a mixtape inspired by true events. ▲ Download here.

Track List: No.8 Swim In Your Skin ▲▽  Download it here 

Track List: No.9 The Lightness of Being ▲▽ Download it here

Track List: No.10 Smoke Up & Sober Down ▲▽ Download it here:

PIF 13 Front 5.01.19 PM

Vol. 13 Death To Goodbyes: Here’s the tracklist and download link.



  1. Hey, Vol 4’s mix link still points to Vol 3.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! Will fix it in a bit. Wow you’re fast. I haven’t even announced it yet! lol

      1. You kiddin’ me? It’s ma fix!

  2. samlaleo · · Reply

    where to download this mixes?

    1. The download linkes are directly under each of the album cover from NO.1 to NO.8, where it says “Download it now” or “Download it here” 🙂

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