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Dyketionary – lesbian words that should be in the dictionary

So I’m sure you’ve seen some of those urbandictionary words floating around. Just for laughs, I thought I’d come up with a few of my own renditions, inspired by personal observations. Enjoy! Advertisements

Platonic Love is the greatest love of all.

Came across a honest and refreshing perspective on Platonic Love by Parsons. Am compelled to share this with you, and when you read these words, may you recall that one person that got away. Nothing is quite as potent as a relationship that is never consummated. To love pure and chaste from afar – cynics will […]

Frances Bean Cobain

What happens when you mix Cocaine and Love together? You get Frances Bean Cobain, the now 19 year old “child” of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (once throned as worst Rock & Roll mother of the century).  Having seen her pictures in tabloid magazines when she was a wee kid – often hanging […]

Just Be

Be born from a large extended family thanks to numerous bad choices by the patriarch. Either way, make sure your dad and mum(s) are overwhelmed and distracted. By right, they will misinterpret your lack of conversation as moodiness and not in fact, awkwardness stemmed from not knowing how to communicate with them. They should also […]

PLAY time in Singapore

First time at “PLAY”, a Lesbian club in Singapore with Libbie, Rubz, Klara and Klaire, my new found drunkard. A bottle of wine, cocktails, beer and shooters later, we live to drink see another day! Klara and I were guzzling since noon, thanks to our bottomless bladder and lack of abstinence. How I still managed […]

A side order of controversy

A lovely post by Tania Kindersley My brilliant and very tall friend N is getting married to his boyfriend. The official invitation is out, plans are being set in motion, and I must buy a frock. I got a picture of the happy couple by email last night, and they are bathed in joy. It […]

Sapphic Sentiments

Awakening An outsider has awoken and taken over. In remembering, he is of a distant memory, But I cannot recall. With identical features except for the glimmer in the eye As if saying, ” I am seeking home”. Flashes of manliness surging, I am changing. Characteristic sweetness, womanly facade overthrown. In an instant family and […]