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Death To Goodbyes. [Play It Forward VOL.13]

Recently I’ve been spending a little more time on me, after making a life changing decision of taking a break from the advertising industry.  But I’ll save that for another rant post! I’m currently in the midst of reviving”Play It Forward“, one of my projects birthed from creative habit.  Here’s the latest playlist available for download: Volume 13, […]

Travelers Lounge: New Zealand edition. A playlist for the road, tracks, sea and sky.

There are few trips in life that will change how you perceive the world, that would leave you humbled and breathless, grateful and amazed at how the universe aligned the earth and all its stars to be exactly where it is, so that you can be exactly where you are at that very moment. New Zealand was that […]

Smoke Up & Sober Down #playitforward

In the name of auditory indulgence and project Play It Forward, here’s a playlist for my fellow music aficionados! If you’re looking to kick back without falling asleep, this ones it! Burn some wood, pour some whiskey, get tipsy. Sit on the roof, stare into the sky or just watch the drunkards stumble by. Whether you’re […]

Mixtape No. 9 The (unbearable) Lightness of Being

Click here to DOWNLOAD “The lightness of being” mixtape.  Play It Forward is a personal project inspired by the love for music and nothing more. It is about pure auditory indulgence. These mixtapes serves as personal bookmarks – a collage of moments, each track flips back to fleeting moments. Put on your earphones and really sense the […]

Swim In Your Skin

This Play It Forward mixtape is inspired by this poster I found, designed by Delrosario. Expect some haunting vocals (as usual), a few chill out tracks to go with your single malt on the rocks, whisked with some beats and love, just in time for your Monday morning drive!   Swim In Your Skin    […]

№7 Silent Hunt ▲ a mixtape inspired by true events

The Kanizsa Triangle is an optical illusion in which a triangle is perceived even though it is not actually there. Silent Hunt is born from a darker nature, ridden with convoluted beats, reverberations of lies and sinister undertones. Such is the soundtrack of the silent social lurker, setting up ghost accounts and stealing identities in a complex […]

№6 Songs For Staying In

I think I’ve had most fun creating this particular playlist for Play It Forward’s No.6 mix-tape. Very aptly titled “Songs for staying in” as I’ve been a bit of a homebody lately. These tracks have kept me company during some late nights and early rises. You’ll find some oldies,  jazzy french tunes, moody vocals and […]