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Dyketionary – lesbian words that should be in the dictionary

So I’m sure you’ve seen some of those urbandictionary words floating around. Just for laughs, I thought I’d come up with a few of my own renditions, inspired by personal observations. Enjoy! Advertisements

{ Ride Into The Wild }

I’ve been obsessing over Lana Del Rey’s latest song “Ride”. Her poetic ballad holds such soulfulness, that its difficult to peg its essence within the thighs of my aural senses. Her mesmerizing raspy deep vocals paired with haunting instrumentation sends tingles down my spine. Reminisce of the late Amy Winehouse, Lana’s relaxed nature and distinct […]

Why I fear my father.

“Young lady!” I still remember how his voice would boom through the walls of our 2 storey house, putting emphasis on the word lady, the “eeeeeee” dragging into oblivion as a thousand birds flock to safer skies. There are few ways to decipher his tone of voice, especially when he doesn’t call me by my name. Other terms […]

Hopeless Romantic : A photographic journey

Nothing invokes more emotions in a single heartbeat, than that of love. French photographer Julien Mauve, a 28 year old web designer brings us on a photographic journey of a ‘Hopeless Romantic’, a series of photographs which he co-directed with Pauline Ballet. The story behind each frame holds a piece of us because we’ve all been there; […]

Dear Photograph – 15 Priceless pictures relived.

Grab your hanky, some of these are real tear jerkers. This set of images from “Dear Photograph“, a personal project spawned by Arthur Taylor Jones, reignites heartwarming memories by merging the past with the present. What caught me by surprise is the overwhelming sense of emotions that came over me. The reality of fleeting moments, that […]

Project “365 Days of Tumblr”

Canadian designer Aaron Christopher Judd’s project really captured me with these series of charming nature shots and uplifting quotes. So much patience, dedication and passion went into each shot. Truly inspired to kick off my own set with my global footprints shots. What a great project!

Mornings in the Garden

It never quite bothered me when my day would only rouse at 3 in the afternoon, half of the day gone and the rest spent nursing a hangover in front of the telly. Perhaps now that the eager passions of my youth have cooled, and I’ve recovered my sense of sobriety, I’m starting to lean towards […]