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Dyketionary – lesbian words that should be in the dictionary

So I’m sure you’ve seen some of those urbandictionary words floating around. Just for laughs, I thought I’d come up with a few of my own renditions, inspired by personal observations. Enjoy! Advertisements

Street statements dripping with sarcasm

Designed to make you think. by UK-based Mobstr

Your favorite celebrities as pieces of renaissance art!

The talented and creative lot at came up with this series of celebrity shots, dressed in Victorian garbs, renaissance style. Worth a good laugh I say!

10 things that made me smile before 9am.

Photography Project Switcheroo: couples swap clothing

Now here’s a fun photo project that made me smile! Canadian photographer Hana Pesut started this unique set of photos dubbed “Switcheroo”, which features images of couples in their outfits in one image, and the next with their entire attire switched over! The resulting images are fun, quirky and a real take on “what’s mine is […]

Putting the “Me” into meme

Jeff Harris: 4,748 Self-Portraits and Counting

This video is both uplifting and heart-wrenching. It still amazes me till this day that a camera can make so much impact on a personal and fundamental level. If you have skipped through all my posts and landed on this single entry, it would still have served the purpose of this blog; to share the […]