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{ Ride Into The Wild }

I’ve been obsessing over Lana Del Rey’s latest song “Ride”. Her poetic ballad holds such soulfulness, that its difficult to peg its essence within the thighs of my aural senses. Her mesmerizing raspy deep vocals paired with haunting instrumentation sends tingles down my spine. Reminisce of the late Amy Winehouse, Lana’s relaxed nature and distinct […]

2013 Designer Calendars from Etsy

Time is inevitable, it happens whether you’re awake for it or not. 2013 is around the corner and while I’d like to bring out a harp and sing the somewhat sombre age old adage on how time flies, I can’t help but get excited over these gorgeous hand crafted calendars. Impressive works of art, from […]

Globalfootprints: Melbourne edition

A view in our vantage point can reveal rich possibilities. Time has a way of teasing the senses, especially in a city where new cafes, graffiti art walls and hidden laneways take new forms with a simple stroke, splash of paint and douse of life. I’ve only been away for 4 months but it seems […]

Alice on Acid: Stunning underwater photography of Alice in Wonderland.

I’ve seen many renditions of inspired art and photography based on Lewis Carroll’s classic tale “Alice in Wonderland”, but this is a new kind of wonderful. I’m absolutely enchanted by the dreamy images by Russian born visual artist Elena Kalis. In a delightful happenstance, I was listening to a track by Cassie – Me & U (VILLΛGE […]

Street statements dripping with sarcasm

Designed to make you think. by UK-based Mobstr

Eye candy for your iPhone

Look what I stumbled across on Etsy! Gorgeous posters with typographic quotes that looks amazingly crisp and fits perfectly on an iPhone lock screen! I’m not sure if it was deliberate but these are just too good to pass as uplifting wallpapers! If you like his work, check them out in poster size on Etsy. […]

Project “365 Days of Tumblr”

Canadian designer Aaron Christopher Judd’s project really captured me with these series of charming nature shots and uplifting quotes. So much patience, dedication and passion went into each shot. Truly inspired to kick off my own set with my global footprints shots. What a great project!