2013 Designer Calendars from Etsy

Time is inevitable, it happens whether you’re awake for it or not. 2013 is around the corner and while I’d like to bring out a harp and sing the somewhat sombre age old adage on how time flies, I can’t help but get excited over these gorgeous hand crafted calendars. Impressive works of art, from letterpress to photography and cotton prints, I have to say that 2013 is looking rather lovely.

Modern Patterns – Mini 2013 Calendar

2013 Photo Calendar, Along The Boardwalk

An Apple A Day letterpress calendar (green)

Retro Fake Ads 2013 Calendar

2013 Miniature Owl and Pussycats Calendar

2013 Yearly Calendar – Live the Life You’Ve Dreamed

2013 Famous Moustache Calendar

2013 Calendar Little Foxes with Display Easel

2013 CANVAS wall calendar (limited edition) – DAYDREAM

2013 Letterpress Calendar

2013 Wall Calendar – Mix I by Olive and Ruby

My Adventure Book 2013 Printable Calendar and Planner

Owls – Mini 2013 Calendar

2013 Recipe Wall Calendar – Local/Seasonal Ingredients

Idiom 2013 Calendar

Cute Star wars 2013 Calendar

2013 Mountain Calendar (Blue Mist)

2013 calendar tote bag

2013 Infographic Wall Calendar by Liz Carver Design

Chinese Zodiac 2013 Calendar/Cards

Make Each Day Count – Mini Modern Motivational Calendar – 2013

2013 Maple Veneer Wall Calendar

2013 Calendar Tea Towel



  1. troublemaker85 · · Reply

    I want them so bad T_____T

    1. That’s the great thing about it, its on Etsy so you can have them 🙂 My favorite is the hanging canvas 🙂

      1. troublemaker85 · · Reply

        Oh I can buy them on Etsy? cool XD
        I love the recipes calendar 😀 and the hanging canvas too XD

        1. Oh yes it certainly is! Under the image, click on the caption to get to the page on Etsy 🙂 I love the recipe one too! Functional aesthetically while inspiring some wonderful meals 🙂

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