Globalfootprints: Melbourne edition

A view in our vantage point can reveal rich possibilities.

Time has a way of teasing the senses, especially in a city where new cafes, graffiti art walls and hidden laneways take new forms with a simple stroke, splash of paint and douse of life. I’ve only been away for 4 months but it seems a lot longer. The old is quickly forgotten in a pace where the present is felt with each swirl of the spoon and ding of a tram. A place where it is not so much the coffee but the ritual that makes the brew taste that much flavourful.

Amidst my latte days and Lygon nights, like an ancient mariner, I’ve been spending my time rediscovering and exploring Melbourne. Here are pictures I’ve taken for my Globalfootprints project. I was recently invited to talk about this project at Poskod Talks, organized by on mapping cities and how this collaborative project can take new form in improving the spaces where we live in. Here’s the article if you’d like a read. If you’re on instagram, feel free to follow me @globalfootprints or be a part of the hashtag #globalfootprints. See you there!



  1. Vlad Radion · · Reply

    This is a great post! love the images!

    1. Thank you Vlad! 🙂

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