Mixtape No. 9 The (unbearable) Lightness of Being

Mixtape No.9 – ‘The lightness of being’ cover.

Click here to DOWNLOAD “The lightness of being” mixtape. 

Play It Forward is a personal project inspired by the love for music and nothing more. It is about pure auditory indulgence. These mixtapes serves as personal bookmarks – a collage of moments, each track flips back to fleeting moments. Put on your earphones and really sense the music.

The inspiration behind this playlist came about during a Bloody Martini session on the balcony. It is the longest mixtape I’ve compiled so far with 15 tracks in total ; some of which I was fortunate to discover from a music group on Facebook. Music is now more than ever, a universal collective and I am so incredibly thankful to be part of it. #playitforward

“…. touch you lightly and you utterly will become with infinite care, the poem which I do not write.”  

– E.E Cummings

Much like “pay it forward” but for audiophiles. Download other mixtapes here.


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