10 things that made me smile before 9am.

Surreal photography of suspended objects by Design collective, NAM.

Tom French’s lastest collection of paintings entitled “Don’t Look Back”.

The town, Monmouth in Wales (bless those crazy Brits), decided to embrace the challenge from a TEDx talk to “do a whole town” in QR codes. The whole project took six months of work, thousands of codes, 500 new Wikipedia articles in 25 different languages and an ignorance to ugly to pull off but this past weekend, Monmouth was finally able to declare itself the first Wikipedia town in the world.

The real reasons Zuck got married.

iPhone guitar

Wise words about work!

A Portland farm campervan wedding.

Electroland project integrates many fields of interactive LED tiles which are placed into the ground. When people walk on them, they automatically start working and create a fantastic red-light ambiance. And if you thought this is all, well, you are in for a surprise. Just look at that massive display of lights on the outside of the building which mirrors the patterns of the interactive tiles inside. There is also a built-in video display to show how the building looks from the outside.

Infographic on how to Make Your Pockets Virtually Theft-Proof


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