Swim In Your Skin

This Play It Forward mixtape is inspired by this poster I found, designed by Delrosario. Expect some haunting vocals (as usual), a few chill out tracks to go with your single malt on the rocks, whisked with some beats and love, just in time for your Monday morning drive!

Swim In Your Skin 
Track 1. Finally by Martin Mittone
Track 2. Mirror Maru by Cashmere Cat
Track 3. The Laughter…The Sun Shower by Schoolcraft
Track 4. Sun Giant (Beaches Beaches Edit) by Fleet Foxes
Track 5. Death and Desires by Digits
Track 6. Lost and Found (Lapalux remix) by Lianne La Havas
Track 7. So Strange (SizzleBird Remix) by KO KO
Track 8. The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover) by Mr.Little Jeans
Track 9. Haruka (feat. Marcus Whale) by Naminé
Tracl 10. What Have I Become (Flash Forest Remix) by Oliver Tank
Track 11. About You by XXYYXX
I’ve added Track 11 just cos its like candy to my ears and eyes. Very sexy. Check out the sick drop at 3:01. Enjoy!


  1. szeee · · Reply

    Resplendent sounds for the nocturnal toil — it’s 3am and am still working. Thanks for putting together this playlist. ❤

    1. You’re most welcome! 3am? Wow late nights indeed. Hope you had a glass of wine! Hugs!

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