The reason being.

There’s a good reason for the chirping crickets in my blog for the past 3 weeks.

No I haven’t been climbing the Himalayan mountains, nor have I been involved in a serious vehicle collision that would render me incapable of mobility. If so, the straws I use to sip my wine with would be the best and most appreciated creation of all man kind!

I certainly haven’t struck the lottery either, and decided to elope to some faraway Gulliver’s travel type island, because if that truly happened, I would have had the decency to at least post up a picture of me smiling from ear to ear, holding the gazillion dollar cheque, with the words “Goodbye suckers!” scribbled at the top.

Sans serif. It will be in Sans serif. Sans the modesty.

Truth is, I’ve just been really tired from work, fighting the urge to curl up in bed by 9pm with a bag of chips and fall asleep to reruns of Dharma & Greg. It is no longer a vision of humour to see me at 10pm, mouth gaping upwards like a Venus fly trap, crumbs of food on my chest with the laugh track in the background, a cruel soundtrack to my so called “night life”.

But wait! Before you conclude that this blog belongs to a a sad lonely girl in Malaysia and close this window, never to have the displeasure to stumble upon again, I thought I’d atone for the lack of interesting posts with some snapshots from when I went missing.



  1. WOW

    1. Hi Juna! You’re wowing in regards to?

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