№7 Silent Hunt ▲ a mixtape inspired by true events

The Kanizsa Triangle is an optical illusion in which a triangle is perceived even though it is not actually there.

Silent Hunt is born from a darker nature, ridden with convoluted beats, reverberations of lies and sinister undertones. Such is the soundtrack of the silent social lurker, setting up ghost accounts and stealing identities in a complex wile to feel wanted and loved. So here it is, my personal offering to silent hunters, the Kanizsa illusions, setting emotional traps and elaborate ploys to feed their emptiness – my closure from your emotional deception, of me unraveling the shadows of your duplicity and realizing your true identity, too little too late.

Download №7 Silent Hunt

1. Secret by Clark 2. Play by IamwhoIam 3. Stay Forever by Kastle 4. Three Hours by Emika 5. Foreign Nights (Jewellers Remix) by Another Blood 6. Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix) by Eight And A Half 7. Big (Nicholas Jaar) 8. Professional Loving by Emika 9. The Morning (Dolor Remix) 10. Venus As A Boy (Parker Remix) by Bjork 11. Remain Nameless by Florence + The Machine 12. Into the Sun feat Martina Topley-Bird by Diplo

Play It Forward is a personal project spawned from the love for music. Much like “pay it forward” but for audiophiles.  


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