Mornings in the Garden

It never quite bothered me when my day would only rouse at 3 in the afternoon, half of the day gone and the rest spent nursing a hangover in front of the telly. Perhaps now that the eager passions of my youth have cooled, and I’ve recovered my sense of sobriety, I’m starting to lean towards quieter nights and earlier mornings.

I enjoy waking up to a lush garden for a quiet stroll, as opposed to stepping out on a dusty balcony for a fag, 15 floors up from endless construction. I never thought I would ever trade my city slicker life for an urban retreat but while this comfort lasts, I’m happy renouncing late nights for brighter mornings ahead.

Here are snippets from my mornings in the garden with blooming flowers and a very excitable dog named Eva.



  1. That breakfast looks delicious! (I LOVE avocado). Nice, colourful photos!

    1. Hi Eliza, thanks! You ought to try the avocado sandwich, its simple, healthy and delicious 🙂

  2. Just love the first image! Sounds like a really great tropical setting to be in – early mornings in the tropics are beautiful! Love avocado on toast too and will try with lime next time 🙂 Washing on the line pic is great too – it even looks like a Polaroid 🙂

    1. Hi Marina, Thanks Marina 🙂 Malaysia is as tropic as it gets! The garden is coming along quite nicely, though the flowers attracts them pesky bees (Oh how I loathe them!).

  3. […] Tropical flowers (love those fragrant frangipanis), nostalgia, and avocado on toast – this post is reason enough to fly to Malaysia. Mornings in the Garden « Skybambi. […]

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