Dark Horse Experiment Graffiti Lane

Melbourne’s street culture is truly a pea out of the pod. From unique street wear designs to trend setting pop up galleries, graffiti lanes and eco bars to sporadic and persuasive creative projects, its difficult to live in this hipster city without getting a splash of paint on you.

It was one of those Summer days when I decided to take a quiet stroll to the nearby Flagstaff gardens, that I stumbled across this lane. If not for following my nose of intrigue, I wouldn’t have decided to take a different (longer) route and would have easily moseyed on my merrily way, oblivious to this amazing graffiti lane that deserves its own twitter account and hashtag for representing all things explosively #phat, #kick and #fly!

3 notes to reader:
1. Please do not judge the 80’s child in me for above hashtags.
2. The graffiti lane is located next to an art gallery called “Dark Horse Experiment“.
3. Be prepared for an onslaught of images.


  1. very cool and detailed! I love Melbourne Style!

    1. Hey Marina 🙂 Yeah the detail is amazing! I’m still searching for graffiti in Malaysia. Unfortunately its scarce and near non existent! Maybe I should spray my own ink on them brick walls. This city needs some color!

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