Fontastic Snaps: Typography in the world we live in

“What’s your type?” Well, I’m inclined to the mature and practical Helvetica, but I do love the authoritative Arial!

When it comes to being a visual person, I classify myself as a type whore. While my friends feast on eye candy – men in tight shirts and women in short skirts, I on the other hand get distracted by a curious dot over a slanted ‘i’. I remember my childhood trip to Disneyland in Aneheim, the sun was setting and the castle glimmered with all its majestic pride but it was the signage “Disneyland” that caught my fancy. I found it much more magical than its blinding lights.

This photograph by Jody Miller garnered a second place in the "cityscapes" category of the International Photography Awards on August 18, 2009.

I just love the sensation of finding beauty in obscure, hidden and understated places. Much to my delight, so does We Love Typography, a website that features typography in the world we live in. I’ve had the most pleasure sifting through and shortlisting my favorites. Fellow photography enthusiast and design lovers, this ones for you!

If you enjoyed this post, check this out: Landscape typography and my Fontastic Type pinboard on pinterest!



  1. awesome! these are cool!

    1. You were the first person that came into my mind when I clicked “publish”! lol. I think we’re pretty much drawn to the same things 🙂 Good to know.

  2. Wow I really like your blog posts! Its refreshing looking at the world through your eyes 🙂

    1. Thank you Laura!

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