In the mood for food

I woke up in a random state of mind, wanting to eat something sweet, practice my photoshop skills (I finished my first crash course class on Wednesday) and hop onto pinterest for some inspiration. This post is the outcome of all three coming together!

So here’s my first attempt on Adobe Photoshop with images of chocolate temptations I found on pinterest – its a little primitive, and no big whoop but that’s how basic my skills are at the moment! I had a lot of fun just looking through pictures and playing around with the layout! Saving the file in pixels to fit the width of my blog while elongating the canvas was a little tricky, but thanks to google, was sorted in a couple of minutes! Still trying to figure out the whole shape and layering bit, sometimes I wish I had a design genie lamp I could rub for help. Anyway! Got to grab some food, editing these images is a visual treat but in my state of hunger, is absolute torture! Happy weekend all!

Tips, suggestions and constructive criticisms most welcome! 🙂



  1. YUM! I am literally drooling as I look at those pictures…

    1. Pctures of desserts are the best types of eye candy!!

    2. Certainly is, and I don’t even like chocolate all that much!

      (you’re so judging me right now aren’t you) :p

  2. You’re giving me dessert cravings!!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I can just eat it all in one sitting!!

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