Photography Project Switcheroo: couples swap clothing

Now here’s a fun photo project that made me smile! Canadian photographer Hana Pesut started this unique set of photos dubbed “Switcheroo”, which features images of couples in their outfits in one image, and the next with their entire attire switched over! The resulting images are fun, quirky and a real take on “what’s mine is yours”.

You can check out more images on her blog at Sincerely Hana.



  1. Haha that’s a brilliant idea, tho looking at the pics, the couples have to be roughly the same size…hmm…

    1. Yeah you and Jwan should do it! Wont make a diff for M and I tho. lol. And if you notice in some of the pics, the couples sizes are pretty off. That’s what makes it even more hilarious!

      1. Erm I would like to keep my clothes unstretched thankyouverymuch…hehe…=P

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