Inspiring Designer Resumes: A treat for creatives

A good resume is indeed a tricky thing to nail, unless one is willing to get nailed for a job, then a beautifully designed and well thought out CV would be deemed redundant.

Speaking of which, a friend recently sent me a somewhat entertaining one for some light reading, which turned into a note-to-self mental post-it of how not to write a resume! At the get go, it looked like a over-decorated Christmas tree – tacky with a dash of desperation, decked in pretentious trimmings. It was nothing short of confusing archaical terms, blow-hard wit and horn-blowing quips. It made me feel like flailing my hands around in the air to complete the reader’s experience.

Aesthetically, there was little to be desired, despite the adornment of a self-profile shot in oversized sunnies at the top of the front page. It was like opening a festive musical card, a trumpet fare played as he strolled out of Elton John’s closet. It was by far the most interesting piece of unpublished literature I have read. It was truly a daring attempt but one that cost him many career opportunities, I’d imagine.

With that in mind, I decided to fix the delivery of my resume, should mine end up (or already is) circulating around the industry as comical relief. Here are some inspiring designs I found online to help get the ball rolling.


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