20 awesome book covers

I have accumulated a graveyard of books, thanks to my penchant for design, weakness for illustration and love for typography. They serve no significant purpose other than to sit pretty on the shelf, catching my interest from time to time but failing to stir up enough curiosity for further insight. Much like the Kardashians, one could say.

Talk about being a sucker for packaging, I’m the worst there is. I’ve bought dozens of books purely for its front cover. Never mind if the synopsis bores me to tears or if the foreword starts off with a dribble quote from the likes of Britney Spears, despite my better judgement, I will actually pay good money for it! Somehow I am able to look pass 180 pages of unreadable literature and convince myself that something well designed with fancy typography for a book on “A Short History Of Tractors In Ukrainian“, can’t be all that bad.

Sidenote/moment of epiphany:  my poor choices of “what was I thinking” string of exes is beginning to make sense. At the risk of digressing into an emo rant on the corner of Nostalgia Lane and Boohoo Avenue, here are 20 awesome book designs I’m totally in love with. Just the daily dose of design inspiration I needed!

If you’d like to see more awesome book covers I’ve been collecting, check out my “Cover Lover” board on pinterest!



  1. There’s a lot of really great covers here. It’s hard to pick out a best one from here, but I think it’s interesting that the chinese-english dictionary has such an illustration on it. All the dictionaries I’ve ever seen have had a single, solid color for a cover.

    1. That’s an interesting observation 🙂 I do agree. Rarely do we see language and reference books with such illustration and design. A very modern take from the usual monotone colours and dreadfully boring fonts we’ve grown accustomed to.

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