Too legit to quit

Two new apps I’m quite obsessed with in love with at the moment!

Since the purchase of the iPhone 4s, I have been downloading a lot more apps to experiment with – apps for photography, social networking, referencing, games, utilities and even silly ones like capturing phenomenal activity through Ghost Raydar – which in my defense was free and have since then been deemed obsolete. 

In my attempt to move towards a more minimalistic way of life (my shoe collection begs to differ), I’ve started deleting various apps. I call it digital detox – remove unnecessary clutter from my homescreen. Whilst the number of apps narrowed down to about 2 pages (from a whopping 8), I realized that some of the apps I’ve been using obsessively over the past month has been that of Piictu and Roamz, two rather new free apps that’s cruising under the radar. You might now have heard of them but here’s a little snippet on what they’re about. Hopefully I’ll see you there. You can search for me under skybambi on both apps. Yes, I’m consistent like that!

1. Piictu

“A fun + simple way
to talk & play with piics.”

This is a truly fun and simple way to communicate with others through picture conversations! I downloaded it not really know what it was about (naturally as one does when the app is free!), but grew to love it almost instantly! It’s like story telling through your images. You’re limited to about 10 words to add to the visual. People can like it but they can’t comment. The only way they can do so is post a picture with a message onto a stream like “Send a message to a follower”. That’s when you see some real creativity – how people interact, how differently they approach the topic of each stream and so on. The fun bit is starting your own stream. Check out my globalfootprints stream and profile on piictu.

2. Roamz

“Roamz is your personal tour guide to what’s going on around you.”

Review places as you go with a picture and a short snippet, geo tag it and whoever logs in that area will get to read your review as well as others pulled in from channels such as instagram and facebook. It helps users to navigate around the vicinity with ease, whether it is to find a good lunch deal, a dog groomer, a cafe that has all day breakfast or a bar with thirst quenching cocktails.

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a lovely gift pack from them when they chose to feature me for Roamzter Spotlight on their blog! One of the gift is a Ausd39.95 gift card for where I can customize my own iphone cover or choose from the many available designs provided, postage included. How fresh is that? They’re constantly running quirky little contests so get on it and you just might win something too! I heard they’re launching version 2 soon. Can’t wait 🙂



  1. Great post! I’m always looking out for new apps. There’s just so many out there, where to begin? I enjoyed this. More app recommendations pls!

    1. Oh gee thanks. I’ve blogged about apps a couple of times. You can search for it on this blog. I’m especially hooked on photography apps 🙂

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