Sydney: Sea Sail and Snap

I’ve just returned from my Sydney trip a lil’ more tanned, broke and fatigued! Mich and I ended up staying an extra day due to a flight cancellation. FYI: Jetstar may be cheaper but it certainly has its setbacks! Nonetheless, it was a much needed respite from the city life I’ve grown accustomed to. Dad’s home in St.Leonards is gorgeous! I got to dip in the pool and walk around Crows Nest 3 blocks down the road, adorned with neighbourhood cafes, book stores and charming retail outlets. I now know what the fuss with Sydney is all about! Lovely bay and shore areas, suburban pockets with unique personalities, not to mention consistent and warmer climate compared to temperamental Melbourne! All in all, still good to be home but I wouldn’t be so quick to turn down another weekend in Sydney 😉

By the way, I have just started snapping on instagram (late bloomer alert). You can follow me at @skybambi or @globalfootprints for my personal travel album project. See you there!



  1. Amazing! So jealous!

    1. As the saying goes, don’t be jealous, be fabulous 🙂 You’re in OZ ya? You can easily take a trip there! What’s stopping you?

  2. These are such great photos. Are they all with the iPhone? My parents live in Lane Cove – a stone’s throw away from St Leonard’s and Crows Nest. I used to work in Crows Nest 🙂

    1. What a small world! Crows Nest is a lovely area. I especially enjoy the variety of restaurants on the strip! And yes, all pictures were taken on the iPhone 4s. I forgot to bring my Panasonic Lumix :/

  3. I love Sydney, I don’t get why so many Melbourne people don’t like it.
    Maybe it has something to do with the rivalry that the two cities have against each other. Silly I say…

    But great images btw 🙂

    1. I agree! It’s a classic Malaysia vs Singapore type of thing isn’t it? Rivalry keeps the cities fresh. To me, Melbourne is that small arty farty city that smells like soy latte, filled with quaint victorian heritage, where bicycles roam free and the food culture is stronger than its blustery winter wind! Where as Sydney on the other hand, is a bustling metropolis that smells like the ocean, adorned with bays, beaches and pockets of suburban quirks. I love Melbourne because it is home but I still like Sydney for the contrast 🙂

  4. Beautiful photographs 🙂

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