Get away

There are a few perks braving the road of the great wide unknown as opposed to taking to the air; you get to see a whole lot more than just clouds. Sure, some might prefer a 1 hour and 40 minute flight as opposed to a stretched out 10 hour haul in a car to the same destination, but one can’t deny that stepping back in time in whimsical towns (like the deceiving quiet backdrop of Texas chainsaw massacre) and panic stops by decrepit gas stations make for interesting adventures and hollywood blockbusters!

Here are some pictures I took when we made a pit stop at Holbrook, a small town off Hume Highway in southern New South Wales, on the way from Melbourne to Sydney. There’s a huge submarine on display in the middle of the town which we unfortunately missed out on, catching only a glimpse of it when we were rushing to the highway! Bummer. It would have been great to get submerged in the town’s historical landmark! Next time. Next time.



  1. I love the vintage feel of your photos! Really cool and inspires me to visit Sydney/Australia sooner rather than later!

    1. Thanks Marina 🙂 Oh yes, Sydney has changed quite a bit! I particularly enjoy New Town and Oxford Street. When are you planning to visit?

      1. I was there in May 2011 so I guess my annual trip should be coming up – soon! I am not sure though… My sister is turning 30 in August so that would be a great time to go back. But Winter though – eh! Newtown has some cool street art – my friend sent me pics a few days ago from there. Oxford Street for shopping in Darlinghurst – definitely!

  2. Rathika Sheila · · Reply

    Once again, your photos are lovely! X

    1. Thanks for your kind words Rathika!

  3. terc! long time no see!! no wonder, you’re a bonafide free spirit 🙂 love your pictures! defo subscribing to your blog but i know it’s gonna make me green with envy!


    1. Lookie who’s here! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 No need to be green with envy – not long to go before I join the workforce in OZ. The traveling will be scarce but fingers crossed, life will keep throwing exciting challenges my way!

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