A TRAVEL BUCKET LIST (Part 5) : Are we there yet?

It seems like my travel bucket list is overflowing with exotic, wild and out of reach destinations. I’d consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to visit a hand full. Thankfully I can tick off 4 destinations in this post!

So, without further ado, here’s yet another list for fellow travelers. May you one day visit the places on your list and share your pictures so that they will inspire others like me to continue exploring!

Foppolo at Lombardy, Italy.

Jericoacoara, Brazil.

La Quebrada, Acapulco.

El Farallón at Los Cabos, Mexico.

Brugge, Belgium.

 Preikestolen, Norway.


Rock Bar, Bali.

Casa Kimbali, Dominican Republic

Osaka, Japan

Camel Safaris at Cable Beach, Australia.

Arabella Rock Resort, Colorado

Thamserku mountain in the Himalaya of Eastern Nepal

Sky Bar, Kuala Lumpur

River Drava Bridge in Osijek, Croatia

Red city of Petra, Jordan

Porto Moniz in Madeira

Melissani Cave in Kefalonia, Greece

Makena Beach in Molokini, Maui

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Sapporo Snow and Ice Festival in Hokkaido, Japan

Natural Heritage Site Devetashka peshtera in Lowetsch.

Costa Careyes Resort, Pacific Ocean in Mexico.

The Wave is located on the Colorado Plateau, near the Utah and Arizona border.

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  1. Beautiful photos. Enjoyed each one. But the ones i liked the most are:
    Halong Bay, Vietnam (nice perspective)
    Makena Beach in Molokini, Maui
    Melissani Cave in Kefalonia, Greece
    River Drava Bridge in Osijek, Croatia (eerie and mysterious)
    Thamserku mountain in the Himalaya of Eastern Nepal (the colors, the colors!)
    Casa Kimbali, Dominican Republic (can’t express)

    Great shots skybambi. Made me happy. Cheers from India.
    Blog: http://morpheachweek.wordpress.com

    1. Excellent choices! If you like these ones, the previous bucket lists (esp my fav: part 3) will blow your mind! lol. But thanks all the same 🙂 Cheers from Melbourne!

  2. I can only dream my travel bucket list gets this big! I’m incredibly jealous.

    1. Keep the dream alive! And like I always say, don’t be jealous, be fabulous! 🙂

  3. Oh wow
    This list is amazing.
    Some of the best travel photos I’ve ever seen.

    1. There’s some talented photographers out there, and more so, amazing places to explore. Wouldn’t it be perfect if ones job is to travel and document these places? That would be the ultimate! If one could even consider that a “job”!

  4. Ohh man. I am overwhelmed. The world is such a beautiful place.

  5. Absolutely beautiful places – I have been blessed and been able to see some of these destinations, but there are still so many, many places I would love to see (#1 on my bucket list is Bora Bora). BTW – the name of my blog is “Are We There Yet?” due to my hubby and I being full time RVer’s for two years! Gotta love it.

    1. Hello Carol, Bora Bora is said to be absolutely amazing, and judging by the pictures I’ve seen, I believe it! Wow what a coincidence that you should stumble across a post that is the name of your blog. lol. 2 years! Gosh I hope to have the luxury of time to explore. Cheers to good times! *clink

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