Gratifying graffiti (part 1): Fitzroy

In the heart of Melbourne sits Brunswick Street, tucked in the bohemian enclave of Fitzroy, adorned with a cocktail of bars, 2nd hand bookshops, galleries and boutique salons. Hipsters, hippies and yuppies stroll the streets from Johnston to Smith on bicycles in torn jeans with pumped up kicks and Ray-bans. In the anatomy of Melbourne, Fitzroy is like a tattooed sleeve, etched with graffiti from one lane to the other, not an inch is spared from decorative words and imagery. Inspired by Marina Chetner’s blog entry on Graffiti Art Gallery, amongst many other graffiti inspired posts, here’s a collection of images I snapped yesterday under the sweltering summer heat, running across roads, walking into dodgy alleys and standing by fly infested trash cans. I loved every minute of it! So here’s to the last post of 2011, a colourful one no less. Happy New Year to you all! See you next year!



  1. Amazing post! So glad you photographed these (in the heat, no less!) I love the zebras and the ‘Welcome to sunny Fitzroy’. And, thank you for the ping back!! Have a great New Year!!

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for posting these; there really is some amazing talent out there.

    1. You’re most welcome 🙂 Plenty more where this came from. Will do a compilation of city graffiti soon. Happy New Year xoxo T

  3. the ninja turtle one is sweet!

    1. That’s certainly one of the more vibrant and playful ones! 🙂

  4. the astronaut and the zebras are great!

    1. I know right! Especially the Zebra, the angle and position to create a 3d like perspective deserves brownie points!

  5. PS My husband now thinks we should move to Fitzroy when we relocate to Australia!

    1. Oh you’d love it there! Very vibrant and close enough to the city but not in the midst of the hustle and bustle either. I’d live there if I could but I’m tied down to this apartment in town for now. One day. You never know. Might be neighbors :p

      1. It’s a small world!! Happy new Year!

  6. Hola! I posted on that street art today! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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