When all seems bleak, seek inspiration.

The title is somewhat misleading. Life is not bleak. It is filled with all sorts of beauty – nature, art, music and the list rolls itself into a thread that pulsates within the vein of life. More so misleading since I’ve just returned from a 10 day road trip around the south island of New Zealand. Life is anything but bleak. It has been a truly humbling experience to be amongst the majestic mountains and serene rivers that runs through its vineyards, farms and glaciers; leaves nothing but sanguine sentiments. While I filter through 1,000 over pictures from 3 different cameras (a task on its own), I thought I’d share a few inspiring works and videos by various artists that has elevated this sense of inspiration and new found joy of endless discovery. I can’t wait to share my journey through New Zealand with you in my next post. Meantime, here’s a good dose of inspiration for ‘just another day’ – made not so ordinary with these amazing finds plucked from the web.

Carlo Waito’s paintings of stones and minerals

Mike Doyle’s lego houses, a construction: Victorian on Mud Heap.


Holiday Lights projects in Madrid


Arnaud Lapierre’s cylinder mirrors – Ring Installation.

Now for some skin tingling videos

 ‘Kadinchey’ is Bhutanese for ‘Thank You’ and as you may have guessed from the images above, the video is a remix of the sights and sounds recorded around Bhutan.

Steven Briand’s amazing stop-motion video animating paper to the beat of the music. 


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