FWRD: Attitude is everything!!!

I confess. I make it a point not to read forward emails from my dad. There’s 3 reasons for that.

No.1 His emails usually starts off with off-putting titles like “25 tips for a healthy heart” and in bold letters, “CANCEROUS FOODS/PRODUCTS INSTANT NOODLES” – (His not so subtle way of also reminding me to quit smoking). These emails are also sometimes filled with rumoured and exaggerated paranoia like “Overcharged iPhone bursts into flames and killed entire family!!!”

No.2 Its usually biblical in a very lengthy story with off putting neon coloured fonts, consisting of somewhat elusive twists and turns that ends with a verse from Corinthians. Eg. Blind dog saves old homeless man from drowning, *insert a few blurry but heartwarming pictures* end quote on friendship and life with words like “True story”.

No.3 The authoritative “Must read!” in the email title ignites old childhood memories reminiscent of Dad’s booming voice over the dining table –  “Eat your vegetables!”. Something comes over me and I delete the email without even clicking on it – void of any sense of guilt. Its almost like an expectant occurrence for me to reject any parental discipline. (I guess you could say I have daddy issues)

Before you conclude that I am an ungrateful child and do not value my father’s sentiments or concerns, let me be completely candid when I say that I do love him to bits and he is still to this very day, the only man that can make me cry. I’m just not a forward mail kind of girl. But today, something came over me. Maybe it was the need for some positivity, or pure boredom, but I decided to read his fwrd email titled “Attitude is everything!!!”, and I’m glad I did. I know I’m going to look back one day and wish he was still flooding my inbox with forward emails. Hope this is as uplifting and inspiring for you, as it was for me. 

“Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you have.”


The fwrd email did not elaborate on Cody’s story and out of curiosity, I googled “Inspiring kid prosthetic leg” and found an article along with a few pictures that weren’t included. You can read the full article here: Dreaming of Paralympic Gold



  1. Glad you shared this one! What an awesome little kid!

    1. Yes he certainly is. What do we have to complain when this kid has such a wide smile on his face, despite the challenges he face 🙂 Very inspiring!

  2. wow – this is inspiring. He’s one happy kid! (PS Your post about your dad’s email forwards made me laugh!)

  3. Oh thanks Marina 🙂 My dad’s quite a character! The kid is a true trooper! Here we are as adults moaning about the slightest inconveniences, when he’s just going about happier than most people I know.

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