22 handmade Calendars for 2012

Gosh, is it just me or did the year just zip, zoom, whizz, shoot and whip pass? Just seemed like yesterday when I compiled a list of calendars for 2011! So in tradition of the end of year calendar post, I thought I’d compile 22 fantastic handmade calendars. There are a lot more creatively crafted and designed calendars out there, like the one by Patrick Frey – a personal favorite. These are ones I found on Etsy, each for a different personality! 

Cupcakes Make People Happy calendar for the friend with the sweet tooth

Enjoy Every Day calendar for Typography lovers

Illustration wallpaper for the minimalists

Recycled Black Dry Erase calendar for the greenies

Moustache Calendar for the glorious gentlemen

Chalkboard Decal calendar for the interior designers

Seasonal Loose Page Photo calendar for the dreamers

Blank Printable calendar for the DIY lovers

Screen printed Monster calendar for illustrators

Winter Bunting calendar for Festive goers

Mini Letterpress Calligraphy calendar for writers

Home Sweet Home calendar for nana (I kid. I’m not a grandma but I like it)

The California Seaside calendar for beach bums

Magnetic Dry/Wet erase calendar for strippers – as in magnet strips, get it? Ok tough crowd.

Vintage Camera calendar for photographers

Sewing Desk calendar for handmakers and tailors alike

Papercut calendar for crafters

Magnetic chalkboard for hipsters

Meat and Butcher calendar for avid cooks and chefs

Mountain Calendar for travelers and nature lovers

Wall calendar for doodlers

Magical Desk calendar for whimsical friends



  1. The last one is my favourite. Beautiful!!

    1. Good choice! I like the one for writers. Love letterpress and calligraphy.

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