Silent Spring by Daniel Keys

I know this is a leap from the previous more optimistic posts adorned with colourful and amazing images of the world we live in, but something about this series of photographs by Daniel Keys struck a chord with me and I am compelled to share them with you. 

“When I started this project I began by looking into the state of the mentally ill in Britain in 2010 and it seemed that the recession caused a surge in mental health problems among many people previously non effected. This series of images is a reflection of the mentally ill who exist in the suburbs of Britain. Suburbia is “home” for many people and yet behind closed doors a number of untold dramas play out daily. The subjects within these images are in a catatonic state, one of complete disassociation with their environment, and I chose to concentrate on the “Stupor” to express this in an attempt to disturb the preconceived ideas of suburbia. I have placed my subjects in an uncanny suburban landscape to disjoint the seemingly pleasant veneer and present slowly disturbing imagery that exposes the dark underbelly of residential life. I wanted to reflect the state of the mentally ill within Britain and show the underlying melancholic beauty present in the subject’s lives. I want to place the viewer into a voyeuristic position to enhance the dystopian atmosphere and the terminality of my subjects Mind frame. I titled the project “Silent Spring” to evoke the atmosphere of a spring where no bird song can be heard.”Daniel Keys



    1. Ah thought you’d like it. We seem to gravitate towards the same kind of imageries 🙂

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