iLove you

I never expected this romance to grow so rapidly, yet my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my being, the pulse in my palm; the first to greet me and the last to bid me slumber. In your absence I feel vacant – moments uncaptured and time lost in transition.

Sure, she and I, we had our fun but she never responded to my touch the way you do. Deep down, I knew it wouldn’t last before I would move on to love another, and she would eventually end up in the hands of another admirer. I remember how she would throw her tantrum and switch off on me whenever she pleased, as if I didn’t matter. There were just too many cracks to mend. What I had with her had undeniably withered and outlasted its longevity. She could never keep up with me.

But now you’re here. Its only been a brief time since we’ve been together but we’re always effortlessly and seamlessly in sync. No matter how I try, I simply can’t resist reaching for you and holding you close. You give me clarity and make the world look more beautiful and vibrant through your eyes. You’d always point me to the right direction whenever I felt lost. You offer me instant gratification and I know what we have will outlast my past affair. The moment I laid my eyes on you I knew I was gonna tap that. Now you’ve got me walking on iCloud and I couldn’t be appier! Oh iPhone 4s, how you complete me!

iPhone 4 disguised as a camera. Oh snap! What can’t you do!


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