№4. The Alt Space

I was approached a few days ago to compile a music playlist for “Alt Space“, a cafe in KL. To my understanding, the cafe is an alternate work space for freelances, travellers and basically an out of office work space. Its a great idea and concept inspired by an ex-melburnian’s aspiration to bring a bit of the local flavour back to KL. About time too, might I add! I believe I speak for the majority when I say that most people dread sitting in windowless cubicles, under flickering fluorescent lights. I know that for me, I love having a drink during a brainstorm session, or lighting a cigarette when I jolt in my journal. Alt Space looks like a great place to retreat and work at your own pace.

So I’ve been rummaging through my music library since I was first contacted 3 days ago – crouched in front of my screen,  handpicking 10 tracks to best inspire and complement the idea of space in musical beats and vocals versus the physical cavity of a room, without venturing too far from non cafe friendly music with the likes of Bjork. Though I do love her work, I understand that its a little intense and difficult to digest sometimes. The result of this playlist was not spared hours of filtering – though I must confess, I did enjoy every second of it! Many thanks to Joleen Loh who introduced me to Chet Faker and Lana Del Ray. Amazing artists. 

This playlist builds on Play It Forward, a small personal project aimed at building a community of music lovers for the digital age. A simple swap or hand down via email, usb, cd or an actual mixtape! This is a non profit project and all downloads are absolutely free. I try to include uncommon tracks and mixes into all my playlists – nothing too mainstream to hopefully send you into a whirlwind affair with an artist you’ll discover and fall completely in love with. I hope this playlist keeps you company during long hours infront of the laptop, a quiet read or when you’re simply immersed in deep conversation over a cup of latte.

№4. The Alt Space ▲ A mixtape by Skybambi.

Download Now

Cafe details:

(+603 7931 8181) 27-G, Block J, Jaya One. 72, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Selangor



  1. I am listening to this now – it’s good. Looking forward to hearing the Gotye track. My husband loves Gotye so will end him this link to download too. He does DJing on the side :). My friend in Melbourne is an independent PR agent for music artists and she told us about Gotye a few months ago. Have you heard of Stereosonic? She’s repping that.

  2. Oh wow. Stereosonic the band or the event? Either way they’re both awesome! The Gotye track is a remix. The original with Kimbra is just as great. If your husband loves Gotye, he’s already have heard of it 🙂 Its one of their most watched videos on Youtube.

    1. She’s repping the event – apparently amazing response in a few Oz cities. I think she may even rep Kaskade. Her company is called Xposed Media. I am listening to this remix of Gotye and I reallly like it. I’ll see if he’s heard this remix. How awesome that you did this for a cafe in KL. You’ll need to go and listen to it live. Great job!

      1. Oh yes, I’ve certainly been hearing the hype about Stereosonic. It is one of the biggest summer event in Melbourne. Kudos to your friend for representing such a massive do! Unfortunately I’ll be in New Zealand then. You seem to have a great affection to Melbourne. Are you by any chance a Melbournian?

        1. No! I am from Sydney!

  3. Love the last three tracks. I am listening to the final one. Great mixtape!

  4. Hey, may I plug this link on the alt.space FB page? 🙂

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