22 Amazing 3D Street Art

My teacher used to throw chalks at me in class to shut me up. Little did I know its power went beyond an object of discipline! 



  1. this is awesome. I actually saw the Reebok one today – the Guinness Book of Records one. I posted on street art today if you want to have a look. Not 3D art but street art nonetheless.

    1. Yeah the Reebok one is the largest and longest. Amazing! And thanks for the invite to your blog. Nice pos on street art! I might just compile one from Melbourne. There’s tons around! Nothing like some street art to dress the city 🙂

      1. So true! Can’t wait to see your finds 🙂 <I am originally from Sydney so miss home. Even Melbourne 😉 )

  2. WOW. These are crazy and amazing! Wish I could see them in person!!

    1. Me too! I’d buy a cup of latte, sit on the side of the street and watch.

  3. These are pretty sweet! I take it, from the other comments, you’re in Australia? Do you happen to know if anyone in the US does similar work?

    1. Yes I’m in Australia but the 3D artworks aren’t from here. Most of them from US and UK. I’m afraid I don’t know the artists personally but you could try googling the images for more info 🙂

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