5 iphone add ons for cam whores

I’ve just recently upgraded to an iPhone 4s and am completely amazed by the quality of its 8megapixel camera! Aside from having lost precious minutes of my life asking Siri a bunch of nonsensical questions (exhibit A attached below), it has reignited my ‘snap-every-mundane-detail-in-my-life’ trigger happy side. 

And so, naturally, being the tech geek and photo whore that I am, I did some digging around for accessories to further enhance the iphonery experience and stumbled across a few worth mentioning. Along the same vein of topic, if you’re looking for some great camera apps, check out this post by Wendy Yap, a photographer friend of mine who compiled a list of her favorites. 

1. Dot™ by Kogeto – shoots 360° panoramic videos from the palm of your hand!

2. OlioClip is a three-in-one camera lens for iPhone 4 features fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses in one small package. 

3. OWLE  Bubo transforms your iPhone into a fully functional imaging device with its 37mm wide angle/macro lens and small directional microphone add on.

4. The Glif is an iPhone 4/4S accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone onto a tripod and propping up your iPhone at various angles. 

5. Magnetic Fish Eye Lens is a magnetic device that works on a variety of mobile phone and camera devices (including imacs and other laptops with built in cameras)! 


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