Poor Celebrities

Poor celebrities sounds like an oxymoron but here’s a rather humorous (and unlikely) take on what they might look like if they were to ever beg on the streets after they’ve squandered their fortune! Creative online platform Worth 1000 hosts a range of competitions for photo effects, photography, illustration, writing and other forms of multimedia – Poor Celebrity is one of them. 

“Celebrities live the high life, their wealth enables them to enjoy things us working stiffs can only dream about. But what happens when the money runs out, when celebrities have spent their last dimes and fall on hard times? The rules of this contest are: Show us poor celebrities. Humor is a plus, but quality is essential!” – worth1000.com

Click here to view the complete entries. 



  1. Love these photos!

  2. I especially like the one with Ashton Kutcher and Jack Nicholas!

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