Indian Summer

I know I’m straying off topic here. Me blogging about fashion? Must be a sign of desperation from writers block! Truth be told, I am struggling to squeeze out words from my desiccated sponge of a mind, but I am genuinely quite captivated by this fashion trend that I’ve been rather oblivious of, till now.

Maybe its the summer heat setting in but I’ve caught a sudden fervour for Native American tribal fashion. Am fascinated by the intricate details layered with traditional beadwork, headgears, headdresses, breastplates, shawls, fur parkas, dance shawls, moccasins and mukluks. Personally, I find the edgy, fiesty and rebellious look incredibly seductive and bewitching. Though I’m more interested in the artistic aspect of it, there’s no denying that the warrior-like models in these photos are just as alluring!



  1. You wouldn’t really walk around the cities with a bunch of feathers on your head would you?! 😛 Kidding (or not).

    1. If I looked half as good as the models, why not! :p

    1. Thanks Emad. Saw some of the pictures you took. I love the one with the water in the glass. Well shot!

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