⤧ Cocktail of hangers in my mouth ⤧

Another one of my random compilation of things that makes me smile. It is the little random things that (almost) goes unnoticed that injects spurts of excitement upon stumbling. Here are a few that made me laugh under my breath, gawk in awe and blog with excitement 🙂

Rather graphic but this pretty much sums up what a mind blowing book can do! 

The good people at Division of Labor came up with this series of posters titled “New Rules of Work”. Particularly like the baby blue poster.

A Business Self Defence Kit with built in pepper spray, knives, brass knuckles and even a whistle! Designed by Hoang Nguyen and Anh Nguyen for CreativeSession.

Kohberg bread packaging design certainly does more than tease your taste buds!

Holy Water Flask by Hydro74. Very cool lil urban utensil for walks in the park. *cough*

Check out this cute lil usb, modeled after the Roland Drum Machine! A lil pricey for an 8GB flash-drive but if you’re a big fun of drum sounds, you might be willing to part with USD40 per pop at Alkota’s shop

Nostalgia. Back when you’d take your roll of film into the chemist or photo lab to be ‘developed’, which you’d then wait up to a week for! Happy days.

Speaking of nostalgia, here’s a impressive collection of Vintage erasers by Lisa Congdon.

Check out this series of tantalizing shots by Igor Oussenko. A kaleidoscope of sensuality.

World’s slimmest keyboard case for iPad 2 in a retro design. Also available in black at hatchnco.com for USD89.

If you’re experiencing a creative lacuna, here’s a poster that might help!

And finally, to wrap it up, here’s a cool and creative visual on procrastination. Something I am sure we all know all too well! 


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