Hello Poster Show

Here’s a brilliant and inspiring project by The Hello Poster Show, a Seattle based fundraising exhibition. Founded in 2008 by Benjamin K. Shown and Alanna MacGowen, the purpose for this project is to create an outlet for designers to “flex their creative muscles for a good cause”.  You can buy them online here at hellopostershow.com. Each poster is about 20+USD (including shipping), though most of them have already sold out, I suggest you look out for their next collection. It’s a steal considering that every poster is silkscreened and numbered in its quantity.

If you would like to be part of this worthy project, you can submit your design. Call for entries for 2011 has ended but they’ll be calling for 2012 entries so if you’re a designer who wants to do some good, follow them at follow them on Facebook and  Twitter @hellopostershow.

3 Reasons a designer should participate

1. Thirty copies of each entry will be printed. Ten of which you get to take home with you. Remaining twenty will be sold online and at exhibitions.

2. Your work gets featured in an exhibition.

3. Every single penny from the proceeds will be donated to local charities.

If you’re keen to get involved, contact them at hello {at} hellopostershow.com. I would if I had your talent.


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