5 Mactastic accessories

I know I’ve gone rather digital of late, blogging about desktop screensavers, apps and what not. This is of course just a distraction from my current state of unemployment. Its been a bit over a month and though I do enjoy freelancing, it is simply not conducive anymore. Need to lock myself down and get the job hunt on. Having extra time on my hands means extra time browsing the net. So here’s 5 fantastic mac accessories to satiate your inner geek. If anything, its motivation to get a job and get some mactastic accessories. So here you go, burn a hole in your pocket for me will ya?

1. MACHOOK by Workermen

“Desk space is prime real estate these days. Piles of bills, empty soda cans, dog toys, dust bunnies and who knows what are all competing for a spot on your messy desk. The Machook will help alleviate some of your horrible desktop feng shui by letting you hang your headphones right on the side of your Mac. No more tangled cables, or searching under pizza boxes for your headphones!” – Workermen

2. Ipod Nano Watchband by Joe V Leather

I’ve been looking around for a black leather strap for my nano for a while. I’ve searched high and low online, in stores and even tried customizing a few but its slim pickings out there! Aside from of course, my kick ass Rockin’ Nano Straps which have now pretty much sold out. If you’ve got a Nano, this is definitely worth a gander, especially for the low price of USD35. It comes in various colours but personally, black works best.

3. Iclooly UBoard by Macfixit

(iMac, Laptop & Computer Monitor Stand With Multi USB Port) 

This surely frees up your desk space, while keeping everything you need within reach. 

“With its sleek design and contemporary look, you no longer have to settle for those dull monitor stands. U-Board will give you a brand new experience by not only organizing your desk but making your desk aesthetically pleasing. It’s built with tempered glass top, ABS frame and three built in USB ports. Functional, design conscience and innovative….that’s the U-Board!

Add valuable work space and 3 easy to reach USB ports to your office. The U-Board is constructed from 5mm tempered glass mounted in a modern light-weight acrylic frame. Perfect for your LCD, laptop or keyboard, maximum weight capacity 15kg. Power Output: 5V DC, 3 standard A-type USB ports.”

  • A slim and ergonomic monitor stand.
  • Ideal for reducing desk clutter and simplifying work environments.
  • Slim design with a 5 mm panel of tempered glass adds a touch of style to workspaces.
  • Includes an integrated 3-Port USB Hub, a mobile phone and cup holder.
  • Suitable for use with up to 21 monitors and notebooks.
  • Can hold up to a maximum of 15KG
And guess what? It doubles up as a laptop stand too!

4. Handcrafted Macbook Air Case 13 inch with pocket (Darbla) by FeleCase on Etsy
“This fashionable and a nice carrying case is ideal for the protection for your Macbook (laptop). It was made ​​from a nice touch of wool felt with a thickness of 1/8″ (3mm). All snaps are secured to do not scratch your laptop. Each case is hand made by me in my studio in Warsaw​​.”
5. Bolt (Bamboo Back) by Grove
“Designed to fit the top of your unibody laptop be it 11, 13, 15, or 17 inches, they are super thin bamboo panels (only .035” thick!) with adhesive on the back to stick it to your machine. As an added bonus, you can get one with a cutout in the center so when your computer is on, the glowing Apple logo lights up the shape of your choice. Now, if you and nine (or more) of your friends or coworkers all want the same logo, you can get in touch with Grove and have them do a nice custom cutout of a corporate logo or other particular design.” – Tuaw

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