5 quirky things to make you smile.

Here are 5 quirky things to keep you young at heart. The last one is my favorite. Although, I wouldn’t mind swinging over a city, a gravity sloping fishbowl, a samurai style brolly and the slimmest apartment in the world! 

Urban playgrounds for adults! This billboard swing set is designed & created by architect Didier Faustino.  

Quirky little fish bowl designed by Psalt Design. Enough to push any goldfish off the edge!

Introducing the Keret House. The slimmest apartment in Poland.

Cool draw string brolly, samurai style, designed by Joo Youn Paek

Sugru is the king of all fix its. If you’re into diy and looking to save some broken trinkets, gadgets and what not, this is definitely the sticky putty for you to “hack things better”



  1. That playground looks amazing, and the fishbowl really made me laugh!! Nice post 🙂 And thanks for your comment on my blog!

    1. No worries. Love reading what other people are blogging about 🙂 Cheers. p.s The billboard swing looks awesome but being up there that high would give me the jitters!

  2. Mission Accomplished!

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