Unraveling the 2012 Calendar by Patrick Frey

Can’t believe we’re closing in to the end of 2011, barely 3 months away! In anticipation of the new year, I’ve been browsing the web for a cool 2012 calendar. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can get, be it made by hand, screen printing or digitally. Conceptually and aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity – design with functionality. I’ve previously compiled a post for 2011 and now will attempt to compile another for 2012.

To kick off, here’s one by German designer Patrick Frey. Printed on a scarf-like contraption that unravels when you pull on a deliberately loose stitch, the cloth recedes into the year day by day. When it’s unraveled into a pile of loose stitching, you could recycle it for other purposes. Brilliant eco-friendly calendar.

“Times are over where passed days and month were deleted or pulled down, because now there is Gregor the calendar scarf for the wall. Unpicking is the new thing to do. Gregor is a knitted Calendar, where you can do all day long what was forbidden for a long time, to unpick stitch by stitch until the year is over!”



  1. i can’t BELIEVE it’s almost 2012. i love that calendar, freakin’ genius.

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