Things my desk can’t live without

My previous post inspired me to list 5 things my desk can’t live without. Naturally too, since I’ve been spending a lot of time on my desk – writing, reading, skyping, chatting, researching, shopping and contemplating. As much as I love working from a cafe in a slingbag, there is no denying that I feel most comfortable in my own personal space. There’s just no excuse sitting like a trishaw man in public. So here’s a little peek into my desk and the things it can’t function without.

My top 5 must have desk items:

1. Macbook Air

2. External Hard drive

3. Music speakers

4. Sticky notes

5. Stationary 



  1. Awesome desk!

  2. […] Le bureau-table dans le bureau-pièce. (source) […]

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